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Our beginning

Last summer, my family and I cleaned out our garage and found ourselves moving large, glass vases from one place to another as we tried to decide what to do with them. They were vestiges of once-beautiful flower arrangements gifted to us over the years. Long empty of the fresh, organic creations they once held, they had been relegated to a cabinet under the sink, then to the garage where they now sat in my way. Frankly, they weren’t our style and they were taking up valuable storage space.

Over the years I’ve seen these containers in thrift shops, at yard sales, and in trash piles. What a waste! This month I’m launching a modern solution by remembering a retro idea—the milkman.


Milkmaid flowers provides hyper-local, weekly flower deliveries the way the milkman used to—collecting last week’s bottles when delivering this week’s fresh creations. It’s pre-arranged flowers, without the waste of traditional delivery and without the hassle of wrapped bouquets.

For me, Milkmaid combines my love of art with my love of nature.  Even as a small child, I could be found in the fields of South Jersey picking flowers and chasing bugs.  In art school, the natural world inspired me and became a recurring theme in my work.  After a break from my career as an art educator to raise my children, I am excited to embark on this new adventure.


I can't wait to bring you Milkmaid Weekly Flowers.  It's the perfect service for self-care, zoom backgrounds, and gifting.  I just know it's going to brighten your week.  From me to you with love.

The Milkmaid

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